Windsor Chair Cushion

I purchased a new seat cushion for our office chair a few weeks ago.  My poor bottom has not been comfortable sitting at our computer and I’ve been trying to find a cushion for months.  The problem you ask? It seems like a simple purchase, but nothing is the right shape for our windsor chair.  And sadly, this purchase didn’t fit either.

I had originally planned to return the cushion and make my own, but I knew in my heart that it would take me many more months to find the right fabric, the right cushioning, and the time to make a custom one.  So, I decided to modify the one I already had.  I started by cutting out a template.

Then I traced the template onto the cushion and removed the trim with a seam ripper. Seam ripping is so much fun.  Far better than sewing in my book!

Then I decided to dive right in and stitch along the outline. 

The shape looked about right… so I trimmed off the excess padding and fabric.

Then I finished the project by stitching the white piping along the edge back on.  This step was the hardest part by far.  It took a lot of stopping, seam ripping, and sewing to get the trim back on this cushion. 

I’m happy to report my bottom is much happier now!

Storm Update:  We are still without power and don’t see it coming anytime soon.  All is well.  Good thing I anticipated this outtage and got all my blog posts done on Saturday! 

2 thoughts on “Windsor Chair Cushion

  1. Anonymous says:

    I found my perfect cushions but they are way too big. Did you finally turn the cover inside out, rip open the seams then put in the piping and stitch it all together? I don’t sew, that means I will have to take my cushions over to a seamstress but I’d still like to know what kind of labor is involved just incase I am tempted to muddle through myself. Sewing machines can do so much more than they used to. Wow!


    • designing main street says:

      Hmm.. I’m having trouble following but I’ll try to answer your questions.

      I took off the piping on half the cushion, sewed the cushion to the size I wanted using a template, cut off the extra fabric and cushion foam and then sewed back on the piping. I never had to remove the foam or turn it inside out. The seam was showing but then I used the piping to cover it up. Hope that helps! Good luck on your project!


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