The Pumpkin Patch

Well it’s Friday again, and time for a Friday Garden Update, but aren’t we all sick of looking at our sad little garden? I know I am.  It’s time I let you all in on a little secret.  I’ve been secretly documenting the growth of our pumpkins! I giggle every time I take a peek my pumpkin photo folder and see how much our little orange ones have grown. I’m terrible at keeping secrets so I think six weeks of waiting is all I can take….

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

week 6

It’s hard to believe we have real pumpkins! Did you notice I used the word pumpkins as in more than one?  Yup, that’s right – we have two little guys at the moment with more on the way. The one I documented is actually the little brother to Dark Orange here. Dark Orange got the good looks that’s for sure.

The pumpkins are called “Autumn Gold” and will grow to be about 10-15 pounds.  This is one of the smaller varieties.  Typically pumpkins grow to be around 20 pounds.

I was afraid that Hurricane Irene was going to take  the pumpkins with her but she left them alone and all the falling limbs managed to clear the great pumpkin patch!  The patch has gotten bigger and bigger, not only growing into the garden as I shared a few weeks ago, but out onto the lawn.

I guess Howard’s Q-tip fertilization technique did the trick! If you missed it, you can see the Q-tip farm here.

Happy first Friday in September everyone!

UPDATE:  We now have TWO beautiful pumpkins and more are coming!

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