House Paint Comparison

This was another busy weekend.  We spent Saturday and Sunday doing chores and checking smaller things off the list.  For instance, we finally finished staining the side of the garage.

We started staining the house in a semi-solid Cabot Fieldstone stain a few weeks ago.  The last time I posted our progress on the garage I was told there wasn’t much of a difference here.  How about now? Can you tell what’s missing?

We took down the window box and will be putting the flowers in a pot for the rest of the season. The old wooden window box will not be going back up but we do plan on finding a replacement for next year.

Because it was such a nice day and we were on a roll, we started to take the stain around the corner.  Instead of leaving a nice line at the corner, Howard took the stain a little further and then stained two shingles at random.  He said this is our motivation to keep the project going.

What an eyesore?!  It will serve as great motivation.  I’ve already checked the weather forecast for next weekend and deemed it a perfect weekend to continue staining!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “House Paint Comparison

  1. Katie says:

    Came across your post while searching for pictures of cabot fieldstone stain as a potential color for our home that we are building. Love the color of yours!

    What color trim did you go with? Our builders likes a linen color (with linen windows) which is a slight tan/gray (see window color here:

    whereas I have always envisioned a bright white exterior trim with a bright white window. Just not sure how fieldstone will look with either!

    I would love any insight you have into either color choice!!


    • designing main street says:

      Hi Katie! I suggest an off white. Linen sounds right! Our trim is actually a very yellowish color on its own. I am not sure what the color is and we have been testing paint to go slightly more white. Ivory dust was too white. Bright white doesn’t seems right in person. Your eye is probably tricking you as not many use a true white. The whiter the trim the harder to keep clean. I don’t known where you are but in MA we tend to get mildew and off white helps hide it.

      Good luck!!!
      Xoxo ellen


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