Estate Sale Finds

This summer we’ve taken the time to go to a few Estate Sales in the area. Notice I wrote Estate Sales with a capital E and S? These are fancy pants sales. Not your regular ‘come buy the junk from our basement,’ excuse me, I mean- yard sales that pop up in every neighborhood.  These homes are usually the homes of older folks who decided to downsize or  have passed away and the family is selling off the entire home.  The sales are run by professionals and accept, get this, credit cards!  Since there needs to be some profit for the company selling the items they tend to pick the posher homes and the prices are higher than you’d get a good old moving or yard sale.  But the company hosting the sale has also gone through everything so there is no real junk. Well, don’t I sound like the yard sale snob?!  But really we have enough junk of our own and don’t need any more.  But we did need a coffee table..

I found this maple beauty tagged for $100 at an Estate Sale that I happened to be driving by on a Friday.  (That’s the other thing about those sales – they tend to be on a Friday and Saturday so the collectors come on Friday and swoop up the really good stuff.)

The table was narrow enough to fit the small area between our couch and fireplace.  It has clean lines and isn’t in perfect condition which was actually appealing to me so I don’t have to worry about it.  And the best part was that I was able to get a discounted price.  You see, I walked out the door and didn’t buy it when I first saw it.  I went on my merry way but then couldn’t get it out of my head.  I kept looking at the photo I snapped on my cell phone.  And I knew I’d have to go back on Saturday for it… if it was still there.  So I found the listing for the sale on and emailed the woman hosting the sale asking her if it was still available, and I daringly asked if the owners would take $60 for it.  Usually they don’t take markdowns at these sales until the second day. It was a risk, but I could always go back and buy it for $100 if it was still there.   She immediately responded ‘yes.’  Lucky us!

With a little refinishing down the line it could be a real knockout.  Howard even declared the original value to be $2,000!  Ok, that was an exaggeration but the maple wood would cost over $60 if we were to build it ourselves.  And I’m so happy with how the wood compliments the existing cabinet and the open kitchen behind our seating area.

And now for a couple more scores. These nautical treasures were a $1 each. (Rings not included.)

I also found a 7 pint Frigidaire dehumidifier for $35 and a new $5 rake for Howard.  But since those things are tucked away in the garage and basement I’ll spare you the photos.

Do you frequent yard sales/moving sales/garage sales/tag sales? What is your best find?

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