Silver Dollars

This past Saturday was a perfect day to do nothing. It was one of those days where I got up, got dressed, and sat outside in the sun wishing I had some motivation to get something done.

I did get my blog photo updated – anyone notice?? (I swear it was total coincidence that my yellow t-shirt and grey sweater match the blog header.) I think it might be fun to start changing up my photo, in the white adirondack chair of course, from time to time.  And I really couldn’t help but wear the sunglasses since I was wearing some in my last blog photo and the sun was seriously making me squint.

So, back to doing nothing.  I picked another pumpkin.

I bought a pumpkin for the front steps.

And I wandered around the yard looking for things to do (without getting my hands dirty). I found some silver dollars behind the garden.

Aren’t they so pretty? I had no idea that these are actually considered an invasive weed!

Being in the weed category didn’t stop me from picking a bunch of them to put in a vase on the mantel.

While Saturday may have been my lazy day, I promise you lots of work was done on Sunday – you’ll have to come back to see just what we did!

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