All in a day’s work

We made significant progress with our stain project this weekend.  After completing the side of the garage I really wanted to finish the face of the garage since this is what you see when you pull into our driveway.

This part of the house was filthy! When we used the cleaner you could see the dirty just coming off from under the gutter where the sun never reaches the shingles.

Since the surface area around the garage and the enclosed porch wasn’t too much area because of all the doors and windows, we managed to complete those areas in an afternoon.

Howard even continued on and started to stain the back of the house.  I had to give up after four hours. I haven’t built up my arm strength yet and those fumes really started to give me a headache. And I require a snack every couple of  hours.

After we finished staining the porch, I was surprised to find that I really like the existing off-white/yellowish trim color on the house.  A year ago I wouldn’t even talk about anything other than white.  If we stick with a similar color (like we did with the house stain color) it will make the job easy to do in stages too.

So, I grabbed a few…or maybe a few dozen…Valspar paint samples for the trim at Lowe’s.  This pile shows you just how different the colors look in the store.  I was thinking a hint of yellow, not actual yellow!

After narrowing down the choices, we left the real decision to Mishu as we always do.  We put a treat on all the samples and she picked the one I liked best – phew! She actually wouldn’t eat her treats of one of the same colors without some encouragement. Maybe my sister is right, we are a little cat crazy…

I also grabbed a few samples for the front door too.  I think we’ll be sticking with the red family for now but I want something a little brighter looking until we go with the changeover to black.

If the weather cooperates we will be staining the front of the house next.  I can’t wait to see what the house looks like without its shutters and a fresh coat of stain!

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