Fall Mantel Project

It’s beginning to look like Halloween around the house.

In anticipation of this week’s link party over at The Lettered Cottage, I did away with the summer-y theme we had going on in the family room.

Everything came down.  Well, it wasn’t hard when there were only three things there to start.

My original idea was to have a black and white theme and started by adding a framed photo we had lying around.  But alas it was way too small for the space.

Then I had the idea that I could layer a bunch of frames. I even dug out a few empty black picture frames with the plan to print some seasonal photos to display in black and white.  But the layering idea wasn’t working either.  The gold mirror I added was adding some visual interest so I went with that.

Next it was time to layer on my seasonal accessories.

One idea was to toss some silk fall flowers into a hurricane vase after plucking them off their stems.  I’ve seen this done for centerpieces and they look great. This was a very easy way to add color.

But, the color wasn’t working here.  I thought the flowers would compliment the gold frame but they didn’t.  And they really didn’t work with the bricks.

After taking away the hurricane glasses I needed some height.  So I added the silver dollars found here and some candle sticks.

This arrangement seemed to be looking better but needed one more touch. So I added a hurricane vase full of cinnamon sticks.  I have a surplus of those at the moment, which I’ll explain later this week.

I thought the way the pumpkins reflected in the mirror was pretty cute until..

..until Howard saw the new mantel and didn’t like the mirror. Since I had stuck with a white theme it was easy to add back the original painting. I think I like this arrangement just as much.

Have you started decorating for Halloween? Do you usually stick with a color theme?

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

6 thoughts on “Fall Mantel Project

  1. Linda Queen says:

    Like the white alot, it really contrasts nicely with the dark back ground, nice job! I am just getting a chance to decorate this week. I am doing an orange and black thing but it goes nicely with our black furniture etc. in the dining room and else where. I will post some photos when done.


  2. jam tangan murah says:

    Hi, really loving the design of your website. Would you mind if I asked you what theme youre making use of here? I’m new to this, but I’m hoping to have mine looking nearly as cool as yours. Thanks a lot.


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