Fall Sisal Wreath

I’ve been hoarding a package of sisal rope for months now. I bought it with all good intentions to make a sisal rope basket but, seeing as I don’t really need another basket, never got around to the project. Since fall is here it’s time to put that rope to work by making a sisal rope wreath! The project started with a wreath round from Michaels. (On a side note, I had not been to the Michaels store near us until now and woweee… I think it’s pretty cool in that dorky, crafty, I feel the need to glue or paint things, sort of way.)

The wreath project started by adding a string to I could hang the wreath.  Looking back, I didn’t need to add this until the end, if at all.

I then secured the end of the sisal rope with a little hot glue to start.  Be careful though, because as I learned, the hot glue gun will easily melt the wreath round if you touch it with the hot glue gun.

The next step seems pretty intuitive, right?  I thought I could just wrap the sisal around the wreath but, I quickly learned that the rope was going to end up at a funny angle because the outside perimeter of the wreath round is longer than the inside perimeter.

I realized that I needed to allow some spacing on the outside of the wreath which meant that the green would should through unless I found something to cover the wreath round.  With no desire to head back to Michaels for the pack of burlap I put back on the shelf wrongly thinking I didn’t need it, I had to come up with a plan. And the plan involved cutting up Howard’s landscaping khakis.  These pants were last seen during our mulch project here.

With the khaki fabric as a backing, I wrapped the sisal around the wreath leaving a little spacing on the outside so the sisal would remain perpendicular to the wreath round.  I applied a little hot glue every six inches or so to keep things in place and allow me put down the project.  Otherwise I risked getting to end and having the whole thing unravel.

At the end of the wreath I cut the rope at an angle and applied a generous amount of hot glue to secure the ends.

Next came the fun part – decorating!  I had plans to use the fall flowers that didn’t work out earlier here and my new Halloween ribbon from Michaels.

I tied a black and white holiday bow to the top of the wreath.

But the color combination got negative reviews from my family when I asked for their opinions.  I liked the contrast between the black and white bow and colorful flowers myself but agreed to go with the majority after a 3 to 1 vote against me.

So I traded the black and white bow for something a little more subtle.  This off-white ribbon didn’t do much for me originally when I hung it on the wall for its first photo.

But, when I moved the wreath to our red front door, the colors made a lot more sense.

I hope everyone is having fun decorating for the fall!

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