Oh deer

We awoke on Sunday to find that our hydrangeas were gone!

Apparently someone thought they were tasty!  And took them from this….

To this…

I have a guess as to who may have done this. And she’s even sticking her tongue out at me to display how delicious it was!

The deer are regularly hiding out in our yard. We actually like them and don’t try to discourage them too much. But, when they decide to start chomping on our plants, when there are tons of other greens in the woods, we do try to discourage them.  Enter: Bonide Repels All.

Bonide is a natural granular deterrent containing garlic, dried blood, whole egg solids, clove, fish oil, onion, and wintergreen. I bet that wouldn’t taste too good on a salad.  I generously sprinkled it around the hydrangeas and the holly trees.  The holly’s are regularly being eaten and are a deer favorite.

The only problem with the Bonide granules is that they are expensive at $9.99 for a small container.

Do you have problems with deer? Do you know of any cheaper options to keep them from eating our plants without harming them? We’d love to hear about any tricks to keep our plants healthy!

2 thoughts on “Oh deer

  1. Nette @ This Dusty House says:

    Could you make your own? All of those ingredients seem like they would be pretty easy to get and mix together. For the dried blood, you could save the drippings from thawing meat. You might not be able to turn them into granules, but perhaps they’ll work anyway?


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