Scrape, Scraping Away

Have you ever started a project and stepped back and said “AAH! What have I done?!” Well, that’s exactly what I did this past weekend.

Our window sills have been in need of some TLC.  You may remember how we even had some of them replaced over the summer during staycation week here. Wasn’t that a fun time?..

Last winter I sanded the front bay window, poured in some wood hardener, and then touched up the paint using the old owners paint from the basement. It looked good for a little while, but I failed to solve the real problem with the sill and so the rot has started to return and the paint has chipped away.

It’s time to get serious.  Or we’ll need new windows sooner than later. Solving the problem requires figuring out why the sills are rotting. Howard brought to my attention that all of the drainage has been sealed shut by paint. We even had the drain holes taped with duct tape on the upstairs windows.  This sealing of the windows has meant that water has been able to enter the windows through the screens when it rains but then it ponds and creates rot.

I spent Sunday sanding away. Howard was pretty much preoccupied with fixing one of the gutters that wasn’t installed correctly but stopped by to help with his hand held sanding tool which made quick work of evening things out. Come to think of it, why didn’t I use that tool?

And then because it started to rain, we had to leave the sills unfinished. They need to dry out before we can prime them.

Before the rain came in I took my little project around to the front of the house where I was totally overwhelmed by the chipping paint.

The good news here is that the sill has been protected by the original green paint trim on the house.  The only issue is that the off-white trim is peeling. That’s pretty typical.  I grew obsessed with scraping the paint down though.

Howard kept reminding me that this doesn’t need to be indoor quality.  He’s totally right. I didn’t even know the paint was chipping here so it’s not exactly a place where people are going to see it.  And it’s a good thing because it looks like this right now…

Thankfully we have that tree I mentioned in the way.

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