Long weekend + lots of staining

Howard and I took Friday and Monday off this weekend to celebrate Columbus Day stain the house! The weather was perfect with sunny skies and highs close to 80 degrees. We actually stained on Saturday and Monday with Friday being our prep day and Sunday being a day for a little fun and a little window sill work.

My father was generous enough to stop by on Friday (thanks Dad!) to drop off his pressure washer. This was very helpful in cleaning the higher parts of the house.

Howard went up on ladder to spray with the Cabot Ready-to-Use Wood Cleaner.  This cleaner helps take off any mildew.  We applied the cleaner with a handheld sprayer and then waited about 15-minutes per the instructions.  Then it was time for some pressure washer fun.

If you do this at home, be careful not to get too close! It does damage shingles as seen here.

After letting the house dry overnight, it was time to begin staining.  Howard tackled the high spots.

And I tackled the lower spots.  Except where there were a lot of bees and wasps buzzing about.

Which really only left one small corner for Howard to do behind the big bush after tackling the huge garage face.

The result from the street isn’t drastically different from how the house looked before at first glance.

A before and after comparison shows a little more difference.




And if you were wondering what happened to the shutters.. well, they were involved in a little bit of an “accident” involving Howard driving over them. Their remains will be out at the curb on trash night this week!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and hopefully got to spend a little more time relaxing then we did!

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