Winterizing the Sills

The second item on our list this past weekend, in addition to staining until we were dizzy from fumes, was getting the window sills ready for the winter. Last week I shared the mess I made of the sills here.  I left them looking like this and feeling like I wanted to cry…

And then it started to rain.  So we left the sills raw and ugly all week until things dried out and we were able to slap a little primer down….and more wood hardener….and more wood filler….just not in that order.

Things are starting to look better already!

I even made a new friend. Check out Mrs. Garden Spider. She is a very calm little lady who didn’t seem to mind me priming the roof of her house.

We won’t be painting all of the trim this year, but need to paint what has been primed before the winter.  So the obvious next step was to decide on the trim color.  It was a hard decision between off-white and off-white…

Or better known as Valspar’s “Ivory Dust” and “Caribbean Walk.”  Ultimately, I gave in and decided to go with Howard’s lighter choice of Ivory Dust despite what the cat and I voted for.  (If you missed Mishu’s vote you can see it here.)  I thought that the lighter color would be too white.  But when I put it over a white piece of trim, you could see that it is far from white.

We bought a quart of the Ivory Dust in semi-satin for the sills at Lowe’s but didn’t have enough time in the weekend to paint the trim.

I kind of feel like a failure for getting so much done and then wimping out on the last task. But then I remember just how much we did do.  And how we have a pile of paint brushes to prove it!

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