The Front Door Color is….(Time To Vote!)

We are really happy with how the front of the house looks after all our hard work.  The house is looking fresh and clean and a little more mature without the shutters.  If you missed the staining posts, you can see what the house looked like before here.

I’m still not happy with the color of our front door.  It’s a rusty red.  I think it should be brightened up a bit if we decide to stay in the red family.  Maybe not as bright as my paint shop work below… but you get the idea.

Since the front door is the only thing that needs to be painted on the front of the house, we could totally change the color. Green? Blue?

I’ve noticed that yellow is wildly popular in design blogs and magazines but I haven’t noticed any yellow doors in the neighborhood.

We could go totally beachy with a shade of aqua.

Or keep it traditional New England by going black.

Changing the front door to black would compliment my idea of changing the garage doors to black (here).

What color do you like best?  Let us know!

4 thoughts on “The Front Door Color is….(Time To Vote!)

  1. Megan says:

    I definitely think you should do something that doesn’t blend in with the entire facade, or pair too closely with your beautiful lawn color. I like the rusty red, but think another read would make your place pop. Nice work!


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