Bathroom Brainstorming

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about our bathroom remodeling project. We’ve been busy with all of the outdoor projects for the past couple of weeks.  Part of the hold up is that we aren’t 100 percent sure about our choice in tile. And in our minds, the tile sets the stage for our choice in vanity, the wall color, the choice, etc., etc.

The Jerusalem Beige travertine in a honed finish is the front-runner at the moment.  But after a little online research it seems that our choice of tile stores has a significant mark-up so the idea of shopping around is still attractive.

Another thing getting in the way is our closet.  There is a desire to build a built-in hamper at the base.  But there is a much stronger desire to make a nook to hide the cat litter.

I’ve been looking for inspiration high and low for this project and come to the conclusion that a bathroom is so very unique to each person. There hasn’t been one bathroom photo that I’ve found that I’d want to replicate in our space. Sure there are tons that I love but none that are quite right.

I’ve found inspiration for the floor…

unknown source via pinterest

And inspiration for the vanity…

design sponge

And some ideas for hiding the cat litter….

unknown via pinterest

And some fun ideas too.

We will need to pick out every little detail ourselves and Howard and I are so bad at making decisions.

Translation: this project might take longer than expected….

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