Friday Garden Update

The Friday garden update is back by popular demand! Ok, I made that up.  But the garden has had some highs and lows that I wanted to share.

The highs included the great pumpkin patch this year.

We got more than a few pumpkins (and by that I mean four exactly).

And then… the deer decided that they like pumpkin?

Something that eats whole pumpkins and whole leaves has been busy munching away in our yard!

I thought I saw a sign of hope when I noticed a few baby pumpkins on the way. But the weather forecast is promising lows in the 30’s next week so I’m guessing a frost must be betting close.

But on a more positive note, we do have some cucumbers and kale.

That cucumber is a little funky looking because it was growing in the fence before Howard rescued him.

And do you remember how I complained and complained that the brussels sprouts were goners? I have to take that back.  They are doing quite well.

I just hope these get a little bigger before the first frost. Or we’ll be eating un-petite brussels sprouts.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

See you next week with a new Halloween project that I’ve got planned for the weekend!

One thought on “Friday Garden Update

  1. Nette @ This Dusty House says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m looking forward to a day of gardening tomorrow — turning the soil, prepping it for winter, planting some garlic. I think it’s time to harvest the last few carrots and cauliflower from this year’s garden too.


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