Halloween Lanterns

This weekend I followed through on my promise for a new Halloween craft project.  Which, for us, came at no cost since we already had the materials on hand.

This idea has been brewing since last Halloween when we learned that we have a really long driveway.  Or a really dark driveway.  Only a few kids dared approach the house when we could see dozens of them pass on the street.   Our Halloween string lights on the lamp posts and carved jack o’ lanterns weren’t enough to lore the little ones in for some candy!  As a result, we ate more sugar than we should have…

I’ve been determined to find a way to make our driveway inviting without breaking the bank, and without having to carve a million pumpkins. So I decided to try making lanterns out of coffee cans.  It seems so wasteful to toss these guys out even if they do go into the recycling bin.

So I stripped a couple cans down, filled them with water, and then popped them into the freezer.

They were nice and snug between the edamame and juice pops and thought this would be a no-fail way to make them firm enough to add holes using a hammer and nail.

But, oops, the bottoms popped out with the freezing.  These were easily hammered back in later but I just had add the disclaimer that this approach is not perfect.

To make holes in the sides I just used a hammer and nail.  A gardening glove was used to keep my hand from freezing.  The nail got surprisingly cold. (Note: pajamas optional!)

After letting the cans thaw upside down overnight, I tested out the nail holes using a couple small candles.

Next came my favorite part…. spray paint!  I did two coats: one with the cans upside down and another with them right-side-up.

A few more of these cans and I’ll have a nice way to light up the side of the driveway on Halloween!

They really have a fun glow to them at night. It’s just hard to pick up on camera.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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