Bathroom Caulk Project

Since the first bathroom renovation project is taking longer than expected (technically we haven’t done anything yet), I’ve decided to make the most of bath number two.  Last year I painted the vanity just for fun here and we replaced the sink.  We also had to replace the toilet.

I painted the walls and there really isn’t anything I don’t love about the space now except the floor and the tub.  But they are plain white, so what’s not to like?  They are just dingy and all the scrubbing can’t seem to make the space look clean.  So, I had another idea.

My latest idea involved re-caulking the tub and the top of the radiator where the unit has separated itself from the wall.

The old caulk along the edge of the floor just peeled right off.  Good times.

I then got a little carried away and decided to do the tub too.  Why not do everything at once? I used a little painters tape to help make a straight line. This is a little trick I just recently learned.

And of course, I had to be sporting my pajamas for this.  There is something about getting up on Sunday, having a cup a coffee and getting straight to work.

Why would I dress up to work in the bathroom?

I applied the silicone caulk steadily and then used a wetted finger to smooth things out.

Then I gently pulled up the tape before anything set too much.  And I had a nice bright white caulk line.

Things are looking “newer” already.

Next up, painting the radiator, and fixing the floor. Things will be all bright and shiny before you know it!

3 thoughts on “Bathroom Caulk Project

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  2. Cindy says:

    Hi Ellen, I know this is a question about a different project, and one that you did quite awhile ago. I found your “tinted sealer” blog for your hallway grout and I was wondering how the sealer has held up? I just finished my kitchen and the backsplash was the last to do…long story short, the grout is so dark and I’m desperate to make it the way I invisioned. If the sealer is the way to go, I will do what it takes to change the color! Thanks for the info!


    • designing main street says:

      Hi Cindy! We have had very good luck with the tinted grout sealer. It does look a little paint-like because it is a sealer so I would test a spot first to make sure you are ok with the glossier look. For us, it was the only way to save the floors in the hall after the grout color snafu. I used it in the upstairs bathroom and it looks great there too! I highly recommend it. Use a toothbrush and it’s really easy to apply!


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