Play Date

This past weekend I went to visit my sister, Annie, to help her with her house. Their second baby just arrived and she needed some help getting the kids’ room ready to share. She had started to sort the toys but hadn’t gotten too far. We’ll call it a work-in-progress.

We definitely had a lot on our plate. At least baby number one, who is now three years old, was out of the house to let us get some work done!

Their crib has been used as a toddler bed but now it was time to make it a crib again for baby number two.

The plan of attack included breaking down their current dining room, which they rarely use, to make into a playroom.

After taking out the table we assembled a new play mat for the kids.

After a lot of moving and organizing, the room was completely transformed into a really fun space! We kept the mirrored wall completely visible to help the space feel bigger and not overwhelmed with toys.

And the crib went back to being a crib although it changed from a little girl’s crib to a boy’s crib with a quick change of the bedding. Annie has this great crib bumper from Pottery Barn that she wanted to use in the crib but the planes weren’t visible when we tied it inside the crib. Given the recent information that encourages moms not to use crib bumpers because of the increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, we decided to put the bumper on the outside of the crib! Now the cute planes can be seen and it’s safer for the new baby!

We put together a new toddler bed and nightstand on the opposite side of the room.

I took on the task of organizing the bookshelf even if it won’t stay that way for long. I couldn’t help it.

And we hung the Halloween costumes on the stairs because they are just oh-so-cute!

Mission cleanup was a huge success. Annie’s first child arrived home with wide eyes and such excitement over her new playroom. I can’t wait to go back and spend some time playing in the new space!

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