Another pile of wood

We did something really crazy this weekend.  You aren’t going to believe this one…

We ordered more wood! As if the multiple wood piles in the background aren’t enough for this season.

In addition to the wood piles next to the garden, we also have two more…

These piles have all come from trees we’ve taken down, or trees that have fallen… like when Hurricane Irene hit us here.  So this wood is not seasoned and is not ready to be burned.

I was not very excited about the idea of stacking a cord of wood on a Saturday morning. So I dressed for shopping instead of getting my hands dirty.

This tactic worked and Howard stacked all the wood by himself! The new wood was stacked three piles deep.

Howard cleverly stacked it in front of one of the other piles next to the garden so the view from the driveway doesn’t look much different. Thank goodness because I was fearing a perimeter of solid wood piles around the house.

I think we are all set with wood for the next couple of years now!

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