A little trick I learned

This past Sunday was a beautiful, but chilly, fall day.  Howard had mowed the lawn the day before and bagged all the debris and leaves.  The yard was looking great until Mother Nature decided to give us a little gift.

It was like a storm of leaves when we awoke.  Howard said this was Mother Nature giving him the finger. His allergies were bugging him after mowing and hiking all afternoon. So I half promised to rake the yard.

And to my surprise, I actually came through and raked (part of) the yard.

And Mishu watched the action from her usual perch on the deck.

Instead of loading up 20 wheelbarrows full of leaves like I usually would, I decided to try out a new method I learned from my dad recently. His method includes using a tarp. All I had to do was rake the leaves onto the tarp, fold up the corners, and drag it away.  This trick works great except when the wind blows.  But I quickly learned that if you stand on the tarp and rake the leaves onto your feet that you can avoid having the tarp blow away.

And then we were back to a grassy green lawn without too much effort.

I’m sure the leaves have fallen again but with the time change it’s so dark out I haven’t noticed!

Thanks Dad for the lesson in raking! It just shows how much I didn’t help out as a kid.  I owe you one.

What tricks has your dad taught you?  Any good tips around the house? Leave a comment and let me know!

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