Pine Cones

A few weeks ago, Howard and I returned from a hike in the woods with our arms full of pine cones. They appeared to be freshly fallen and were annoyingly sticky with sap. I couldn’t resist hoarding them before they got trampled or turned into new homes for some spiders .

I had every intention of making this hanging pine cone creation that I found on pinterest.

But, I didn’t have any ribbon that didn’t scream Christmas on hand.  And in my usual impatient demeanor, I couldn’t waste any time going to the store to find some ribbon.  I had to make something with the pine cones immediately.  Even if we were expecting company in an hour.

So I pulled out my usual hemp string and started by cutting various lengths.   I then secured a hanging loop with a knot.  This project started out exactly the same as my starfish project here.

Then I hung the strings to make the assembly easier.

The first pine cone I hung was actually upside down like the pinterst photo. But I decided that I liked these pine cones right side up.

At this point I wasn’t sure where this project was heading. It was tempting to make a kissing ball of pine cones but where would I hang that?

I continued to hang the pine cones in various lengths until all of the strings were used. In total I used about 20 pine cones.

Then I finished the project with a bow.

I have to admit, that I don’t like my project half as much as the original project with the ribbons.

Since I only used string I can easily take this apart and make the ribbon version after I visit the craft store.

It almost looks I’ve hung a dead bird outside our door in this photo. Pretty funny. Sometimes it’s better not to compromise and keep your eye on the prize!

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