Green Beams

Green Beams is not a typo. We really have green beams in the house. Besides the pink bathroom floor here, the green beams were the one thing I so eagerly wanted to change when we moved into our new house.

And here we are a year later with those green beams. After some time I really didn’t notice the green beams anymore and didn’t give it too much thought until my husband mentioned them. I was busy talking about the bathroom project. So he cleverly turned my attention away by mentioning a new painting project.

Originally I thought I’d want to paint the beams white like the ceiling. We have white beams in our family room and they look great. But, that would be too easy. My latest idea involves stripping the beams down to their natural state like in these beautiful rooms.

Bradley E. Heppner

Palm Design Group

Country Living

Did you notice that these rooms all have the same wall color?  Our entire house is off-white or light tan.  But the neutral colors work well with the low ceilings and keep the space feeling simple.

I’m not sure how much work it will be to strip the beams. Like the rest of the house, they likely have a few layers of paint underneath.

Let me know if you have any good ideas about tackling this project! It seems like a lot of work. Almost as much work as changing all of the window trim from green to white!

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