All that glitters is gold

This weekend I dared a second attempt at hanging pine cones after the first try was a failure here. In the process I found a new favorite hobby – using GOLD spray paint!

After painting the pine cones gold, and actually making a trip to the craft store for some real ribbon, I cut out eight lengths of ribbon. I made four lengths long and four lengths a little shorter.

Then I arranged the pine cones choosing four larger ones for the long lengths of ribbon and four smaller pine cones for the shorter lengths.

Next, I applied a little hot clue to the ribbons and pressed the pine cones on top.  I made sure to put the pine cones on the ribbon the way they wanted to naturally rest.

Once the glue was dry, I arranged the pine cones in the way I wanted them to hang.  I found this step took about six tries to get the right hanging arrangement.  Using an elastic band instead of a knot in the ribbon was the easiest way to make adjustments before committing to a knot.

I took the time to trim the edges at an angle and then hung the arrangement on a wall for its first photo shoot.  But, the ribbon lengths looked way to long.

So I adjusted the ribbons to be even shorter.  To my surprise, it was easier to arrange the pine cones with a shorter length as they had less swing to get twisted.

I think I even prefer the floppy ribbon ears that resulted.

This new arrangement looks much better than the “dead bird” arrangement from last week!

What do you think, should I trim up the ends?  Add a bow?

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “All that glitters is gold

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I popped over for a visit after seeing your comment at my blog Aprons & Ambitions. I am in love with this project. My mom and I were just discussing how to make one of these. Great little tutorial. And, for the record, I thought your first attempt looked good too!


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