Outdoor Lights

The weekend of Christmas decorating took us outside of the house too.  This year we bought timers so all of our lights will go on at dusk and then turn off four hours later.

We have two miniature outdoor trees but only one made it outside.  We kept the other one indoors for use in our family room this year.  I love that you can see this one from the beginning of the driveway on the back deck.

We decided to put the string lights on this funky tree in front of the house this year. This way we can enjoy the lights from inside the house too.

Here’s what the tree looks like with the camera on auto…

And here is the tree after adjusting the camera settings… trust us, it looks better from the street when it’s really dark out…

Last year these string lights were wrapped around the driveway post lights which we swapped out with red bulbs so they would look like candy canes.

But, we ended up with candy cane post lights until March since the snow came and then everything was frozen solid!  Since the porch lights are controlled by an indoor switch, there was no turning off the holiday lights.

I have a suspicion that we’ll end up buying more lights and they will probably be the more energy efficient LED ones.  Stay tuned!

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