Golden Mantel

The mantel in the family room has only been dressed up slightly for the holidays. It still has that cape house beach feel to it. Let’s call it casual. Not fussy.  And hopefully fun.

It has been sprinkled with many of the gold pine cones and few gold ornaments left over from the staircase decorating project here.

Historically, we’ve filled the tall vase with ornaments, but this year we are mixing it up with more pine cones.

Aren’t we just crazy?

I do admit that the mantle looks a little tame but it blends in well with the seashell decorated tree.

What colors do you decorate with?  Red and green?  White?  Silver?

Please tell me you have started decorating! Christmas is almost here!

One thought on “Golden Mantel

  1. searching for middle ground says:

    Love the gold pinecones! I try not to be so predictably Christmas-y with the red and green but I can’t help myself when something cute catches my eye. I try to stay a little more subtle with the deocations. I’m in total envy of the people who decide on a theme and carry it through their entire house – my brain just doesn’t work that way! 🙂


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