On the 12th day of Christmas..

Last night we were out at dinner and the subject of this blog came up. I said I had nothing to post because we’ve done zero around the house the past week.

Howard replied “Why don’t you do the 12 days of Christmas or something like that?”

Me: “I don’t think we have 12 days left until Christmas. Besides, what would I write about? Twelve days of staining?”

“Ten days of tiling?”

“Nine yards of mulch?”

“Eight little pumpkins?”

week 6

“Seven seashell projects?”

“Six brussels sprouts???”

At six brussels sprouts I burst out laughing. Maybe it’s one of those ‘you had to be there moments.’ But to me it was really funny.

A good laugh was just what I needed during this chaotic Christmas season.  My shopping is done but I need some time to enjoy the season and take things easy. I really would have liked to have sent loved ones Christmas cards this year but I failed for the second year in a row. Maybe next year I’ll start them in September. I really almost did that this year. Time goes by so fast.

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