Last minute holiday decorating ideas

We finished our decorating weeks ago. Decorating right after Thanksgiving helps us to get in the Christmas spirit and ensures that it’s done before all the parties, shopping, wrapping, etc. takes over our lives. I realize that there are still plenty of people out there that haven’t even begun to decorate. It’s not too late. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite and easy DIY ideas for holiday decorating.

If you haven’t gotten a tree yet (or are allergic like my husband), how about making a stick tree? It’s cute and festive with some simple ornaments.

And if you don’t have stockings, no need to go out and spend the money, how about using some cute mittens? You could also hand mittens on the stairs or on a door knob.

We wrapped ribbon around our staircase and hung gold ornaments here.  There are endless variations to this idea like this colorful one below.

annie schlechter

If you are snowed in and don’t have ornaments to spare, how about making a cute chain for the stairs or mantel? If you have kids this looks like a great project for them to help with!

Each year our good friends decorate their chandelier with the prettiest ornaments hung by ribbons. I’ll have to get a photo next year but until then, here is another example of ornaments hanging over the table. It takes away the work of having to come up with a centerpiece for the table and leaves more elbow room for everyone.

And my favorite this year includes anything with pine cones.

Twig & Thistle

Country Living

Do you still holiday decorating to do? What are your favorite DIY ideas?

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