Merry Christmas!

We celebrated an early Christmas last night. This meant I got to open my new camera!

After all of the back and forth between compact cameras, SLRs, and SLR-like cameras, I finally settled on the Nikon D3100. Shopping for cameras seems to be confusing as ever.  But after taking a few shots, I quickly realized how much better it is than the old Canon PowerShot SD750 I’ve been using.

This is by far the best shot of our photo wall and I took it in the dark last night with the camera setting on auto.

I have not been able to get a photo of the cat since she moves too much. She’s already annoyed at me following her around.  I still think she’s cute even if she is blurry…

Here are a few shots of the Christmas trees from last night.

I have a lot to learn about the new camera. But that will have to wait because we have some cleaning up to do.

(I had to share that for my family who says our house is always neat and clean. It’s not true.)

Merry Christmas!

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