A year of blogging

Christmas left me with a bit of the flu yesterday. I spent the day freezing on the couch and failed to pick up my new camera even once. So new house photos will have to wait. The good news is that Howard broke down all the boxes on the porch.

That pile was only the beginning of it. After opening our gifts the stack grew even bigger!

Now that we’ve recovered from the Christmas holiday we are looking forward to the new year. Here is the shake down for the blog this year:

  • Designing Main Street started on Blogger in 2010 but moved to WordPress in 2011.
  • In May 2011 I purchased the domain http://www.designingmainstreet.com
  • The most hits were on June 30, 2011 with 496 hits.
  • The fewest hits were on a day in March with only 3 hits.
  • As of today there are 128 followers. Of these, I personally know six of them.  One of these is my husband. One is my mom.
  • I continue to keep the blog a bit of a secret from co-workers, family, and friends.  As a result, my real Facebook account is not linked to the blog.
  • The strangest search that landed someone on my blog was “how to grow pot.”
  • The most commonly searched items include: why do people put starfish in windows?  And ‘brandied pears’ paint by Olympic.
  • This post will be post number 145.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday!

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