New camera – take one

It is time to say goodbye to the Canon Powershot. Not goodbye forever since I still gravitate toward my pocket friend.

After reading my new Nikon camera manual I was thrilled at all its capable of. The most important feature to me is its ability to work really well indoors as my family found out at Christmas when I blinded each of them with the intense flash. Hopefully the better indoor quality will significantly reduce the number of photos I take for each post.

The second greatest thing about the camera is that it has a very wide angle which is great for capturing more of a room.

One setback I am now facing is that the camera cannot be set to auto to shoot in the wide angle which means I really need to learn all of the settings. Another thing I noticed is that a good number of my photos are crooked. I guess I am being lazy with the added camera weight. With all of the screen settings it almost seems crazy there is no level included. Wouldn’t that come in handy for all the DIY enthusiasts?

Overall, I am thrilled with the photo quality. But I am underwhelmed with my shots so far. It is going to take some time for me to update all of the house photos. Here are a few to start.

I don’t mind because I am having a lot of fun with my new toy and so far I think the blog image quality is much better!

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