Moving towards a plan

The year 2011 came and went and we still have the same bathroom to show.

I’m hoping 2012 means some change for this room in particular. Not that I don’t love a shiny brass shower door… ok, I really am not a fan.

While on the blog front it doesn’t seem like we’ve been making much progress, our minds have been busy at work envisioning this space. I’ve taken it to the extreme with some grand ideas of moving the toilet and gaining a large soaking tub.

It would feel more like this when you walk in.

All of my grand ideas involved moving the toilet. After all, a cozy toilet nook isn’t really something anyone wants, right?

Then reality set in as my husband brought me into the basement and explained the piping. The wall between the toilet and the shower stall houses the drain from the upstairs bathroom. So my ideas of a grand bathtub, and my ideas of an open tile shower quickly melted away. And the new plan looks like what we have now with a little more elbow room next to the toilet on the other side thanks to a reconfigured closet.  The black circle on the plan is the drain pipe that we don’t want to move.

We could possibly gain a few more inches in the shower if we go with a custom tile shower but you won’t be able to see the pretty tile unless you are at the sink or in the shower. If we decide not to tile the shower, we’ll have to keep a smaller shower stall since the drain for the shower is right in the middle and pre-fab showers only have a drain right in the middle.

Decisions. Decisions.

The paw print on the new plan will be an entrance of the side of the closet for little miss Mishu to enter. No more looking at the little box. At least that is one bonus of the plan.

We also had a setback in the tile selection process because I’m not sure I want a stone floor anymore. I saw a porcelain tile at the Boston Design Center that looked like travertine. I was totally fooled. The idea of stone still worries me because of the wear and tear.  After a recent hotel stay we noticed how the honed floor was really pitted and looking aged from all of the use. And the hotel is only a couple of years old. It is a really pretty stone though.

So while it seems we haven’t done anything we’ve been carefully weighing our options. As soon as any work starts, you’ll be the first to know!

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