A little vacation

We are back from a week in Florida and I am finally over the miserable chest cold I had for weeks! There is no cure like a little fresh air and sunshine.

Our trip had no real agenda so it made things very relaxing. We spent our downtime working on a 1,000 piece puzzle.

I can see more puzzles in our future vacations. It was much better than sitting on the couch. I didn’t even have to pick up a book once!

We spent a few days at the beaches and added to our shell collection. And see those little black teeth? Those are fossilized sharks teeth.  Very cool.

We took one day trip to Universal’s Island of Adventures to get our fill of Harry Potter.  (This is my second time mentioning Harry Potter on the blog and I know I must seem really crazy for it!) The architecture was amazing. Every detail was well done.

The only problem was that the park wasn’t very relaxing since it was very busy.

We did find a quiet spot to try some of the butterbeer though. It tastes like an extra fizzy cream soda with a thick sugary froth on top.

While this was probably our most relaxing vacation to date, it is really nice to be back home.

I offer no apologies for the temporary lull in home improvement posts. Everyone needs a break once in a while!

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