Getting ahead of plan

I may have watched too much HGTV on the flights between Tampa and Boston. Visions of white built-in cabinets danced in my head. I sat there wishing I had a notebook and a pen to sketch out some ideas. By the end of our trip I was dying to put my vision of a new finished basement on some paper.

This is what the room looks like now.

Some might call it “man town.”  But I probably use the space more than my husband because of the treadmill in the corner.

In the winter we’d rather watch tv near the wood stove and in the summer we’d still rather be upstairs in the air conditioning. Plus, the room doesn’t have a cozy feel to it despite the suede paint finish on the walls. There are free weights tucked behind the couch and some discounted orange pottery barn throw pillows (that I decided I didn’t like) tossed on the couch. I know they really don’t go with the leather couch.

So enter the new plan. The new plan adds a built-in media center with lots of storage, a new couch that comfortably fits two lazy loungers, and puts the desk downstairs. It also includes a shelf system for the free weights which we plan to build at some point.

Overall, it seems like a better use of the space….at least on paper.

Of course we have to finish painting the upstairs first. And the bathroom renovation needs to be put behind us. I get way ahead of myself sometimes!

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