Basement bug

After sketching out the basement ideas, Howard caught the basement bug. He won’t admit that he’s equally as excited about this project as I am – but I know he is.  He actually stopped playing video games long enough to show me how we’d reroute the cable and how the space under the stairs was framed. Next came chatter about a new television.  Men.

I’ve been stashing all of my basement ideas on pinterest and thought I’d share them.

This photo best sums up my inspiration for the room. It’s fresh and airy. I love that floor lamp too.

canadian house and home

This is how I envision the built-ins. They are all white. I have hopes that the white will make the space brighter and feel less like a basement.




I thought I would have wanted a couch in grey to compliment the space but after looking around a bit I’ve decided that I like earthier tones  better than a flat grey.  I also like a couch with a thick bottom leaving very little space between the floor.

pottery barn

crate and barrel

And with a new couch comes new throw pillows. I’m already imagining blue accents in this room.

simplified bee


Creating these posts is like window shopping. I get all excited about the possibilities and then remind myself to check my wallet!

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