Little Decorating Challenges

I’ve had friends and family say that they love our house and compliment my ability to decorate. Only I’m not really decorating. I don’t have any education in interior design, nor do I understand the principles of what makes a good room great. I learn by trial and error.  And usually that means moving things around. A lot!

Take our kitchen shelf for example. This shelf is the first thing you see when you walk in our house. Since the first day we moved in, it has proven to be my most difficult decorating challenge.

In the past it’s looked like this.

And this.

Still unhappy with how it looks, I decided to move things around again this weekend. Normally, I wouldn’t make such a big deal of out this change but it was snowing outside all day and quickly became the gateway to another project I’ll share later this week.

I finally settled on this arrangement which subtracted every trace of gold or bronze from the shelf. Howard complained that he missed the owls. But I like the addition of the silver whale which matches the stainless appliances.

Maybe I’m over thinking this. It’s quite possible that no one else has even noticed that this shelf exists in our kitchen.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Did you get to run around in snowshoes like we did? That was probably the best part of the weekend next to the Patriots advancing to the Super Bowl!

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