Patching the Hall

We caught the motivation wave and have started to work our way into our next paint project – the front hall. This project should be the easiest of them to date. But you never know.  To start, down came the photo wall.

We never hung any art upstairs since the space is small.

I know I’ve called this hallway “pretty vanilla” in the past.  But it’s more like vanilla with topped with a little whipped cream. Check out the patching job the last owners left us.

Howard spent plenty of time caulking the trim along the stairs and repairing the walls. The space looks better already.

My job was to try out some paint samples.  While getting ready to paint a few text strips, it dawned on me that I’ve never shared our favorite painting accessory before. This favorite accessory is the canvas drop cloth. We bought a two-pack during our very first Lowe’s trip after closing on the house and have loved them ever since. I cannot say enough good things about these reusable cloths. They are easy to move around, they don’t blow with a breeze, easy to store, and most importantly aren’t pieces of plastic that end up in the trash when the project is done!

Another great thing I discovered this weekend was the use of cotton balls for testing out paint samples. We were stuck inside because of the snow and did not have any disposable brushes on hand. If I had not figured out this great use of cotton balls I surely would dropped another half dozen paint brushes in our local landfill. Just make sure to apply the paint in circles or the cotton ball will start to shed. I learned that the hard way.

The tested colors include Olympic’s no VOC paint in the following colors:

  • Barefoot Beach (last seen in the upstairs bathroom)
  • Toasted Almond (never used but tested many times)
  • Almond Paste (all the upstairs bedrooms)
  • Brandied Pears (family room and kitchen walls)
  • Heirloom Lace (family room and kitchen trims)
  • White (master bedroom trim and upstairs bath trim)

To my dismay, I didn’t really like any of the colors with the exception of Heirloom Lace for the trim. So I revisited all of our Olympic sample chips to see if there is a better choice. The one problem with the Olympic no VOC paint is that they do not offer a wide range of colors. It seems we already own every possible light tan sample they offer.

The end of  story for now is that we have not selected a color yet. I am very tempted to paint the walls and trim the same color out of laziness. For now we’ll enjoy the neutral rainbow pallet.

If you are seeking out information on the paint colors they are almond paste, barefoot beach, brandied pears, and heirloom lace (from top to bottom) in this photo.

3 thoughts on “Patching the Hall

  1. Heather says:

    Almond paste was one of the colors we tried in our livingroom when we started that project. Good choices! I can’t wait to see the finished product. 🙂


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