Family Room Switcheroo

I already shared how last Saturday morning started here.  Forget the cleaning, I needed to redecorate, or move things around asap. There must have been extra caffeine in the coffee. It started with the little things like our three little owls. And then it turned into bigger things. As in the furniture.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this while Howard was down in the basement playing video games. With a few dish cloths under the couch legs I was able to push the couch into a new position.

Now you walk into the house and see much more of the beautiful wood floors.

With this new arrangement I was able to tuck Mishu’s crazy big automatic feeder behind the couch where we don’t have to see it. And as a bonus, she hasn’t figured out how to get up enough speed to knock it over anymore!

Mishu did express that she was not happy that furniture was being  moved. She sat in her old feeder location for a while and pouted.  Really she did.

There are a few good things and a few negative things about this new setup.

The good:

  • The room looks a lot bigger
  • The heat from the wood stove travels further into the house
  • The room opens up to the kitchen and has better flow for entertaining
  • No more looking at the cat feeder
  • All of Mishu’s long lost toys were found under the couch
The bad:
  • We are a little farther from the tv in the cabinet
  • The couch isn’t as warm from the fire
  • The room doesn’t feel as cozy

We are still considering this layout to be a trial.  I’m on the fence about which way to keep the couch.

To recap, this is the before. I know I’ve never shared a shot of the yellow couch from the kitchen.  And in typical Ellen fashion, I jumped into moving things around without the patience to get a good before photo.

And this is how the room looks now.

What do you think? Move it back or keep it as it is now?

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