Chandelier You’re Falling Short

I’ve been looking for a new lighting fixture for the kitchen for a year and a half now. Oddly enough, on our first visit to the house I said “oooh, I like the light.” Now I realize I don’t like the light.

My biggest reason for not liking the light fixture is that it hangs too low to the kitchen island.

A google search will tell you that any light fixture over an island should be at least 30 inches above the counter and up to 36 inches above the counter. Ours falls at 26 inches. It’s in my face constantly and I’m only 5 feet 1 inch tall.

Another reason for not liking the light fixture is that it was spray painted oil rubbed bronze. And poorly spray painted like the dining room chandelier was here.

Of course you may have not known about the spray paint had I not pointed that out. But now that you do know, don’t you want it gone too?

There are two patches in the ceiling suggesting that two pendant lights once hung here. I suspect these also fell too low and were replaced. Just to make sure that pendants aren’t a good future choice, I took some time to hang my own decoys.

We agreed that they would look silly hanging with such a short tail that we decided to find more of a track light fixture. We even took the time to visit two specialty lighting stores over the weekend and still failed to find the perfect light.

To give you an idea of the possible track light, here is an example.

I’m very cautious of buying a fixture online after just tracking down this online favorite locally. The finish looked very shiny cheap in person.

The light fixture hunt continues. I’m trying to hold strong and wait for something we both really like.

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