Basement Baby Steps

A few weeks ago I mentioned my big ideas for the basement here. This plan involved moving the furniture around and getting a new couch.  After seeing my fantastic plan, Howard was instantly on board.

In fact, when we got home from dinner on Saturday night I headed upstairs to change to get ready for a movie on the couch and Howard headed downstairs to the basement to do some rearranging.

There is one little problem with this new arrangement and that is that I can’t see the tv from the treadmill. We had turned it like it was shown in the plan but it takes up too much of the room. And the tv is so low right now that I can’t see it over the treadmill’s control panel anyways.  The new plan is to wire cable over the bookshelf and move the little tv from the upstairs office to the basement for treadmill viewing.

Howard already fixed the cable that is shown on the floor in these photos so it’s no longer a tripping hazard. On a side note, the cable was run through the radiator – interesting way to hide the wire!

One of my favorite changes to the room is this that we moved my mother-in-law’s artwork.

Doesn’t it look like it’s glowing in this photo? The recessed lighting at the bottom of the stairs perfectly illuminates her work!  Her artwork makes the place feel more finished when you come down the stairs.

It’s a slow start but we really like the new arrangement. The next step is to wire a second tv for the treadmill and then paint the room.

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