Superbowl Party

Planning for the Super Bowl this year was no easy task. Each of our rooms are tin-y and I didn’t want to separate the party into different rooms. Plus, everyone always ends up hanging out in our kitchen anyways. So, we decided to move the basement tv upstairs.

The hardest part was then moving the armoire that is usually in the corner across the room without scratching the floors. It is one heavy piece of furniture. I wanted to move a second couch into the room but then realized that the couch was not going to fit through the doors to the kitchen. We’d have to bring the couch outside the front of the house and around to the back door. So we settled for a crazy arrangement of chairs.

Mishu was not disappointed when her chair moved from the office to its new spot in the sun.

The couch was moved back from its temporary home to become the prime VIP seating area.

And we moved some of the kitchen stools behind the couch for a stadium seating effect.

The teak porch chairs were also moved inside for additional seating.

Since I’m writing this before the big game I have no idea who won the Super Bowl. I can promise we were all rooting for the Patriots here!  Did you watch the game?

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