Basement Photo Wall

I bet you are wondering just how the basement looks now that we moved the big tv upstairs for the game.

Now aren’t you sorry you asked? The smaller tv was moved downstairs and hooked up for a pre-game run.  This is a far cry from the finished basement plan I keep dreaming of.

To help move forward (since we just took a giant step backwards), I decided to move the hallway photo wall downstairs over the weekend. This decision at least motivated us to get the photo frames off of the couch for when visitors arrived.  We had decided that we didn’t like the thicker frames for the hallway so moving the arrangement elsewhere was inevitable.

Instead of hanging magazine clippings on the wall again, I arranged the photo frames on the floor.

I then tried to mimic this layout on the wall with little precision. I do wish I had taken the step to hang up the magazines first like I did before.

The end results is ok. Just ok. I still don’t love the photo wall.

I think we either need to move the photo wall to a small wall where the photos aren’t as spread out. I can assure you that you’ll be seeing this again sometime!

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