Our Nude Hallway

I first have to send out an apology to those that subscribe by email. I wasn’t trying to send you a virus yesterday. I accidentally clicked the ‘publish’ button instead of the ‘preview’ button. Whoops! It was my fault and I’m sorry. To fill you in – ruggly is rug + ugly which was to be a post about hunting for a new rug. It has since been deleted. Today’s post will shed some light on exactly which rug that might be….

Since we painted the front hall and moved the photo wall downstairs, our hallway has gone back to looking very bare. Although this time it’s a freshly painted bare which looks fabulous.

In an attempt to recreate the photo wall, I picked up some new frames. They are white again, but this time they are all the same size. I plan to line them up with black and white photos for a really clean look.

I also picked up a new runner to replace the green one that we recycled from our old house.

The runner is in practically new condition but it is slightly long for the hallway. So I picked up a cheap runner with that claimed to be ‘natural’ but ended up being polypropylene. I think I half knew it wasn’t really a natural fiber and by doing this I broke my house rule of only natural materials in the house. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t die from the chemicals it’s putting off.

Howard came home and declared that he didn’t like the new runner. I’m not sure I do either. I’m beating myself up inside for not buying quality and this one is also a little short in length. But I’ll give it the night to unfold. In the meantime I’m putting those new frames to good use.

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