Back to the B.H.

Back to the boring hall. I had a few other things to share but all of my photos turned out blurry this week after messing up a setting on the lense. I guess I’m full of mess-ups lately. I’m just happy the camera wasn’t broken as I first suspected.

So back to the hall. We have six new photo frames to hang.

Learning from my recent basement photo wall project, it is very important to figure out exactly where photos should go before they are hung. So we took the time to try a few options.  The straight line. (Or slightly diagonal line as my husband pointed out.)

The portrait cluster.

And the landscaped cluster. Which increased from six to eight frames.

I think we could live with any of these arrangements so we are in the process of choosing photos for the frames. This will help us decide whether to go with landscaped or portrait photos.  For now we are leaving the hall looking like this which is motivation to get things done.

Do you have any preference?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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