Bye Bye Trees

Goodbye to one of my favorite trees. 

It was so green and full in summer months.

This week the tree company came and cut down 16 trees in our yard. I didn’t think we had so many to spare. And when Howard texted me a photo of my favorite tree with the top cut off tears came to my eyes.  I feel horrible that this tree is gone. This tree gave our backyard so much shade and sheltered the grass from the sun allowing it to always be the perfect shade of green.

I’ve already been called a tree killer twice this week and I feel awful. We wouldn’t have down the trees if we didn’t have to. Our yard is filled land and the fill placed around this big tree was beginning to kill it. As we saw in Hurricane Irene last summer here, my favorite tree was far from healthy.

During that storm we nicknamed one of the trees in the back yard Big Mossy. Big Mossy swayed back and forth during the hurricane and I was shocked it survived.

And if you still aren’t convinced that the trees were rotting, here is the big ant tree. It was a home to carpenter ants.

When the crew arrived their set up was quite impressive.

It would have taken us all summer to do the work they did in a day. The biggest concern with us doing the work ourselves was that these trees were so tall we risked them hitting our house or power lines.

Here are some before and after shots.







The pile of logs left in the driveway appeared almost devastating at first. Once I looked around I really didn’t notice much of a difference with the one exception of my favorite tree.

We still have plenty of trees at our house and to not take down the ones that were sick would have been irresponsible. They could have hurt someone or fallen on the house. Taking down those trees also gives some of the smaller healthier trees the opportunity to grow. I already know which one is my new favorite. I’ll give him a chance to fill out and then I’ll take some photos when he turns green.

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