Bathroom Update

It’s time to share a bathroom update. We’ve had three contractors give us quotes over the last few weeks to give us estimates on the work. To recap, this is what our bathroom looks like now.

The plan is to gut the bathroom but end up with the same layout. That sounds ridiculous right? Well, we want a new floor, a new shower stall, a new window, new lighting, and most importantly we want a solution to the cat’s litter box that can’t fit in the closet.

I have to admit that the contractors all found it amusing that we would design a bathroom around the cat.  ‘Hey, that’s what happens when you don’t have kids’ I joked.  I may or may not be the person that bought a new car to accommodate the cat’s traveling requirements…. But, I’m not the only person who has included a litter box in their bathroom design.

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So, where did we end up with the contractor selection?

Contractor No. 1 – Is a local company that works on high-end homes. They provide 3D modeling and a designer to help select all of the materials. All of the material choices are done through the designer and she will bring the items to our house. They offer a three-year warranty on all work.

Contractor No. 2 – Owns his own company, is local, and has a great reputation. His hands were thicker than leather. They offer a one year warranty but said it is really longer than that and they would come fix any problems. He seemed easy to work with but we had to remind me to give us a quote a couple of weeks later.

Contractor No. 3 – Was  Re-Bath which I called to see if we could cut costs by splitting the work between us and someone else.  We thought we’d outsource the shower and the tile floor and we’d take care of the rest.

What did we learn?

Re-Bath was surprisingly expensive. In their defense, we did have them price out the most expensive options for our planning.  This included a $2,000 frameless Kohler door that we picked out straight from a manufacturers catalog. They have a lifetime guarantee and they get their work done in a day. They have their own shower materials that they convinced us were the best on the market as far as durability and cleaning. We were subject to a lengthy presentation and the price was given on the spot.

The contractors gave us the exact same quotes for a gutted bathroom. In addition, at our request, both contractors added in new bathroom windows for both our bathrooms and a new bathroom fan for the upstairs bathroom so it vents outside and not into the attic. Their prices were a higher than we expected by about 20 percent.

So where does that leave us?

We need to decide if want to do things ourselves or cough up the money for a contractor. At least it is a long weekend so we have lots of time to think things through.

Have you ever had a contractor do work in your house? How did it go?

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