Glass Globe Pendant

We have continued to search high and low (meaning all over the internet) for a light fixture for the kitchen. After having our Super Bowl party, and dodging the light fixture to talk to anyone over 6-feet tall, we were back on the hunt.

I almost ordered the Calhoun Glass Pendant from Pottery Barn.

I thought the clear glass would make less of a visual obstruction.

The Calhoun pendant has a 12-inch diameter and is 16.5 inches high. This seems like the right proportions to have one standout light over the kitchen island. And as a bonus, it’s returnable to any Pottery Barn store. But before falling to the temptation of online shopping, I blew up a produce bag to approximately the same size and held it up.

Our conclusion is that the fixture is still going to hang too low and be too big for our low-ceiling cape.

After ruling out the glass pendant we agreed on the Papillion 2-light fixture from Thomas Lighting. The nice thing about this fixture is that it only hangs 11.5 inches from the ceiling.

But there is a problem. Of course. We can’t find this fixture for sale anywhere! We’ve even contacted the manufacturer who said it would have to be a special order.  Bummer.

And so the search continues.

photo credits: pottery barn, thomas lighting

4 thoughts on “Glass Globe Pendant

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