Post Lights

One of these lights is not like the other. One of these lights is not quite the same. Which of these lights looks like it didn’t get knocked over? Now it’s time to play our game…

Unfortunately, our game has been a game of phone tag with our tree company. See, when we last saw our light, there was a pile of logs in the driveway.

And then I came home and the logs were gone but so was our light pole. Well, it wasn’t completely gone, but it was about 45 degrees to the ground and the top part of the fixture was missing. The whole thing was initially upsetting. I came home late, and alone, to find there was damage to our property and no note or phone call. Now I’m just plain annoyed at this compay we hired.

Howard put things back together as best he could. Which means we have a piece of duct tape over the top of the fixture for now.

It’s one of those things that I bet you wouldn’t have even noticed if I didn’t point it out to you. But it’s bugging me so I thought I’d share. Hopefully, we will have some resolution this week!

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