To tile or not to tile

I promised to provide an update on the plans for our bathroom as soon as we figured things out. But, of course we haven’t really made up our minds. Our indecision often gets in the way of us making progress.

I told one of the contractors goodbye a few weeks ago. We still have one more to call. Re-bath never called us back and that’s fine because they were already out of the running.

We’ve struggled with the fact that during the estimates the contractors commented on what good condition everything is in. The tiles are professional installed and look great – the color just isn’t to our liking. And the vanity is in great shape but wouldn’t have been our choice.

What if we could learn to embrace the pinkish tiles and make it work?

Last week I drafted up this plan in an email to Howard to move forward.

First step:

  •  Tint grout

 If that fails then we revisit the plan. If not we move forward with:

  •  Paint the walls
  • Replace shower stall door
  • New toilet
  • New vanity faucet
  • New vanity hardware
  • Window treatment
  • Replace closet shelves
  • Hole for litter box?

I moved ahead with the first step over the weekend by starting with a sample inside the closet.

Tinting the grout is an epic fail! So that means we had revisit the plan. I think we’ve decided to have a professional install a new floor and then we can move ahead with the rest ourselves. But, no promises.

So, where does that leave us?

We are back to picking out tile. This brings back memories of last September when we had a bathroom full of samples.

We were indecisive then but planned to gut the whole bathroom so it was hard to make a decision not knowing what other materials we had to work with.

Maybe things will be different this time around?

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