Making a Wood Pile Holder

I couldn’t be more thrilled at how our wood pile holder turned out.

I tried looking online for instructions for a DIY wood pile holder but didn’t find many useful tutorials. I did learn that you should store your wood in a place that gets sun and lots of wind to help season and dry out the wood. I also learned that you shouldn’t store your wood between trees because trees sway with the wind and will make your pile fall over. Yes, lesson learned.

It started with a sketch and a shopping list for Lowe’s. We planned on picking up 14 2×4’s and 7 cinder blocks. We originally thought we’d have three blocks in the center but then rotated the blocks to end up with just six points of support. We found it helpful to use a combination of tall and short blocks. If you have a perfectly level yard then you could use just six blocks of the same size.

We used snow stakes to make sure we agreed on the location and size of the project.

I was surprised by how much time it took to make sure everything was perfectly level.

My job was to measure out the cuts, hand Howard nails, and stand on the wood so he could hammer the frame together.

I was also there to echo “The neighbors are going to be soooo jealous! This is the best wood pile ever!” And by the end of the day I think Howard agreed making sure to triple check each timber for perfectness. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if this wood pile blew over too?!

A few hours later and we had a perfect looking wood pile holder!

So we proceeded to use up the rest of daylight by moving some of the wood piles.

Soon you won’t see very much wood from the driveway. The wood pile is hidden behind the garden.

We made a good dent at moving some of the smaller piles between the cedar trees and the stack in the front left over from Hurricane Irene.

We still have many more piles to move. But, I’m actually very excited about getting the yard cleaned up for spring. One more weekend and we should be caught up. And then it’s probably time to spread mulch again. Having a yard is a lot of work!

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