Porcelain Tile Floor

If you follow this blog, you already know that we have been talking about renovating the first floor bathroom for quite some time. We’ve checked out samples, gotten contractor quotes, and still have nothing to show. Well, maybe we have a couple of headaches but you can’t *see* those!

This weekend we stopped back at the local tile store where we first checked out tiles in marble and limestone for the bathroom floor. This time we were looking for porcelain tiles. They had some new tiles that were “just in” which were tucked into the back corner of the store. This is a very dangerous pile prone to slipping which is why we probably never even looked in this area in the first place.

To our surprise, the latest porcelain tiles run about the same price as stone. But, they don’t need to be treated with sealant, won’t stain, and aren’t as slippery. These are all good things when planning a bathroom. Here are our latest choices.

The best thing about these tiles is that Howard and I agreed on which were our first, second, and third choices! We didn’t even need the cat to vote like we usually do to settle our differences. Which was a good thing because Mishu was too busy to help us.

We surprised ourselves by choosing one of the 12″x24″ tiles.

The woman who helped us at the tile store said that more and more tiles were being offered in this size only. For once could we be ahead of everyone else on latest trend? Or are we just slow in realizing that this is the latest thing? The store had so many funky tiles that look like wood which we would love to use, but they just don’t go with our cape house. If we had an urban loft space I think we would have been very tempted to try the white wash wood tiles.

Now that we’ve chosen the tiles, we need to decide which way the tiles should be installed. The popular choice seems to be installing the tiles with the length of the room.


Howard disagrees on this layout and thinks it’s done in an effort to save money since installing the tiles the other way requires more tiles.


Which way to do you like better? Would you install 12×24 tiles in your bathroom? Tell us what you think!

5 thoughts on “Porcelain Tile Floor

  1. Elisa says:

    I think big tiles in a smaller space look great! If you’ve got a loooong room I think installing the tiles perpendicular to the floor looks much better. Don’t want to make the room look like a hallway!


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